*Build a Home Gym for under $155*

 Okay, so I just got certified as a personal trainer and I needed to stock up on exercise equipment to provide for my future clients. Most importantly, what was constantly confirmed to me during my certification process is that you don't need a gym pass to get a great body!! Besides, the average gym pass will cost you around $500 a year. OUCH!

I decided to specialize my certification in celebrity toning and cross-country/track/marathon/half-marathon training. I've noticed that the majority of celebrities get their great bodies from at home equipment and workouts (aka ROAD running).

So, if you  need to get in shape for summer and you don't like waiting for machines, balls, or free weights at at crowded gym....get this stuff....at Wal-Mart and on KSL.

1) Jillian Michaels Power Dumbbell Set $33.54 (Wal-Mart)

2) Danskin 10lb Kettlebell-$18.77

3) Danskin Yoga Stretch Bands-$10.00
4) Gold's Gym Jump Rope- $1.98
5) Extra Thick Pilates Yoga Mat-$13.94

6) Elliptical or Treadmill-$60-KSL 

7) Gold's Gym Fitness Ball-$19.99

TOTAL: $154.00

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  1. This looks great! I think i'll cancel my gym membership since i seldom make it there anyway. :p
    I often have to choose between getting enough sleep or getting enough exercise. which one should I pick?