*Designer Jeans for under $50*

Are you one of those girls that actually pays full price for Designer Jeans that end up going out of style in like a month?
           Well, I know a lot of people like that but I for one am not one of them.

Instead, I'm on of those girls who wears designer clothes but.....I get them for at least $100 less than everyone else. I just shop smart. I'd rather have my cake and eat it too or save the $ I would have spent on buying a ridiculously over-priced pair of pants......to go on a cruise or save for a house.

Where to go:
1) Plato's Closet
2) Downtown Cheapskate
3) Ebay

Where NOT to go:
1) Buckle
2) Nordstrom
3) Bohme Boutique
4)  Lolabella
*Even if you can afford it. Personally I think it's stupid to spend up to $200 on a pair of jeans!*
Here are just a few pairs of designer jeans I've picked up and yes, they were all under $50. Scroll down to see how much I saved.
Rock Revival, Miss Chic, 7 for All Mankind, MEK, Laguna Beach, 1921

Got these last week for $45 Plato's Closet- Retails Price Rock and Revial Gwen Bootcut-$159

Got these Miss Chic Shorts on Saturday at an expo-$35 Retail $65

Given to me as a gift. 1921 Retail $128

7 for All Mankind. $1 on Sale Rack at Plato's. Retails $189

Got these Seven for all Mankind for.....$1. Sale Rack at Plato's. Retail $189

Laguna Beach Bootcut-Plato's Closet $45 Retails $157

MEK demin I got for $35- Retails for $135

Total Savings: $650
I think I'll take that cruise now......you bought retail? Have fun working!!!!


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