*Get a Decent Car for under $2,300*

Car shopping sucks! Unfortunately, that has been basically a part time job for my husband and I for the past few months. To get enough money to pay down student loans we had to sell our $20,000 SUV for two cars we could pay for with cash.
Our former car-2007 Ford Escape-24 MPG-$20,000

Of course, the only place to find a car that cheap and in decent condition is on KSL. Dealers are freakin' RIP OFFS and a huge majority of them are SCAM artists. I can't even tell you how many times we almost got robbed.

Brittany'y TEN Rules for Car Shopping

1) Pay with cash (but always get a bill of sale)-when you flash the cash, people are more likely to respond. Cash it a great negotiating tool when you're trying to knock the price down. People have an emotional attachment to cash. If you purchase the car for your safety and the seller's...always obtain a bill of sale.

2) Buy Privately (a lot of the time great cars get put up for sell because people just want to get rid of having them as an expense).
If you follow these rules, one day you can own a car this sexy! :)

3) AVOID dealers at all cost (even if they are family friends, you will still pay way over what you could get it if you buy privately).

4) Get it checked out by a mechanic before you buy it. I happen to know a mechanic who is the most honest man I have ever met and he gives great service for an incredibly low price. Every diagnosis he has given me on a car was done for free. (not saying he will do yours for free but he might).

Updated Auto Repair 
160 W 4645 S
SLC, UT 84117

5) Do NOT finance or put on a credit card (redundant to #1)

The point of getting a car if you're young or in debt is to get OUT of debt so you can enjoy wealth later on and a nice car in the future. Drive a clunker now and you'll be happy you did. Therefore, financing would make your purchase even more ridiculous. 

6) Set expectations for yourself (are you willing to put a few dollars into the body, mechanics, are you okay with "as is"?)

7) To get the best bang for your buck and reliability on a long lasting car, Search KSL for:
1. Year over 1997
2. Miles under 130,000
3. Type: Hyundai, Honda, Mazda, Acura, Honda, Volvo (foreign cars are best)
4. Between $1,000-$3,000

Or this sexy......
If you want a long-lasting transmission avoid: Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, GMC etc. But these are great SUVs

If you want great gas mileage: Mazda, Hyundai, Acura, Honda, Volvo, Kia (though not the best cars) etc.
8) Be diligent in your search and never settle-watch KSL like a hawk and especially after 5pm when people post great car ads. If you test drive a car and you feel there might be problems with it, don't settle.  Great cars get posted EVERY day.

9) Check consumer reviews and Kelly Blue Book-If the majority of the reviews on the car are bad, don't buy it. If it is over KBB, don't even bother, you're getting ripped off.

10) Get a car fax report (I think it's like $30 for 8 reports)-If the title is bad, your insurance goes up.

JJ's Car- 2005 Hyundai Accent-98K miles-34 MPG-Great body shape-no mechanical issues-Clean Title $2,950
2000 Mazda 626-126K miles-Good Condition-no major mechanical issues-power windows,seats,steering-28 MPG-$1,700

Here are the 2 cars we were able to pick up collectively for $4,650 (Approx. 2,300 each) and guess what? Our car loan is GONE and we have $MONEY$. For now, drive cars like these so one day, you'll get that SEXY Bentley! :)

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