*Classy Wedding Cakes for under $400*

It's officially *Wedding Season* and you're engaged! To kick it off, let's get to the fun stuff. WEDDING CAKE!!
Save on cake price by decorating the cake w/ your own flowers (Costco)

Wedding Cake is an important element that adds to your genre of a reception. However if you have a budget, it is something you are allowed to skimp on. After all, no one really ever cares for cake once they have eaten the reception food.

Your best bet to find a quality price is through internet searches. I went through Granite Bakery and they are one of the top wedding cake bakeries in the state. They offered me a low price of $370 (to feed 175 people-3 tiers, 3 flavors, 3 filling) but even better, they tasted good! I had over 500 people at my reception, but by the time you cut the cake, 175 servings is way too much.

The tier holder was included and the cake decorated elaborately. Less is more.
All white is my romantic style, but there is something out there for everyone.
There are many people who advertise in the classifieds (KSL, Craigslist) who will create a beautiful fondant cake for a ridiculously inexpensive price. Make sure the cake looks nice, but it is a plus if it tastes good. Remember though, taste truly is NOT CRUCIAL. It's more about the look! I know from experience that no one eats the cake and it goes to waste 90% of the time anyway!

Some places to cake shop:




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