*Quality Wedding Photography under $900*

Are you getting married this summer???

I got married last August and it was crazy planning a wedding on a budget of $5,000. However, to this day I STILL get compliments on how beautiful my wedding photography was. Guess What? My photographer was only 13 years old and it was her first wedding AND she only charged me $500 for everything.  Yet, her mother is one of Utah's best photographers and she had been camera shooting with her mom since she was 8.

*Rules in Finding Quality Wedding Photography*
  ~ Don't fall for Big Name Studios- Don't bother going well-known studios (Inkley's, Swensen, Barrus) that charge ridiculous sitting fees, engagement fees, extra for prints, limited time etc. You'll usually get RIPPED OFF!

~Search Facebook and KSL -I found my photographer on Facebook. Usually, great photographers will leave a "watermark" of their name or business on their photos. Search for someone who has interests in photography or their own page. After you've looked through their photos and like their style (I guarantee you will find someone) send the photographer an email and ask them how much they would charge for bridals, engagements, wedding day, and reception.

~ Know What Syle of Photography You Want-I went for the Romantic, yet artistic feel. I wanted beautiful scenery and an "in the moment" feeling. I found Wren Gracyn Parker (daughter of well-known photographer Julie Parker) and emailed her. Little did I know, she would do my engagements, bridals, wedding day and reception with NO TIME LIMIT for $500      (Not including prints). Since I gave her her first ever wedding shoot, she now charges only $900 for newcomers. (She's well worth more). Search photographers on facebook or ksl, especially if they're new to the scene. I promise you should not be afraid to take a chance with them. Their photos say it all.
~ Get Pictures Printed Through Costco.com- Do NOT get your prints through your photographer unless they can beat Costco's prices--whose quality is fabulous and amazingly inexpensive. I was able to get all of my prints done for under $100 (That is including EVERYTHING, invite pics...EVERYTHING!) It is not much extra work anyway. 

*Here are a few examples of my photography*


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