*Flawless Skin Makeup $5*

Okay, okay the title may sound misleading but it's not! I have suffered from severe acne for many years and after having tried everything I believe Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals is the answer for me.


1. You can sleep with it on
2. It flawlessly covers up blemishes without liquid concealer
3. It prevents breakouts and sun burns (it has SPF 15)
4. It looks great in PHOTOS
5. It lasts FOREVER since you only need a pea-size amount

This is me without bare-minerals.... red, broken out skin. Needless to say I was a little fatter in the face but you can see how my makeup back then would not conceal my skin.

This is me WEARING Bare Minerals SPF 15 C30 Medium Tan. See how it takes the red out of my skin tone and gives me a flawless, even look? Don't worry, no photo shop here!
Two BEST Places to get Bare-Minerals
~Ulta- 10400 S State Street 
~Apothica- Gateway Mall- 171 S Rio Grande Street

*If you're patient enough, go to a Ulta/Apothica and get color-matched then bid on ebay. It usually sells for less than $15*

Why is it only $5? Because it will last you around 5 months and for the normal size it is an initial investment of $25.
  (Ulta has coupons all the time for saving even more on Bare Minerals).

Over a long period of time (at least 5 months) you'll save a lot of money than you would by buying cheap, crappy drug-store makeup.

I would go into Ulta or Apothica and get color-matched for free. I wear the C30, medium tan SPF 15 because I have fairly tan skin. If you get a color darker than your skin tone, it still looks pretty natural.

This is what a Kabuki blush brush looks like

Ifyou end up buying the product, I would head to Smith's Food and Drug to buy a Real Kabuki Hair Blush Brush. If you want your makeup to last, you can't use the crappy brushes. I believe at Smith's it ranges from $4-$7.  (They even sell the Bare Minerals brand blush brush at Smith's or Rite Aid too).


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