*Where to get Real Human Hair Extensions for under $80*

So, in about 2006 I CHOPPED my hair off. DO NOT ask me why! Long hair is so sexy and according to Glamour Magazine, 95% of men prefer it on women. Why? Because it's super feminine! Needless to say, my hair takes FOREVER to grow so I had to find a solution...and fast.

First, I tried Ebay. I was able to order inexpensive and real human hair extensions from China but they were a pain to put in my hair! I either had to pay someone to sew them in or I had to have my friend bead them onto my scalp. IT HURT!!!!

In December of 2006, I found a solution. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and discovered Euronext Premium Remy Clip in 100% Real Human Hair Extensions for $64.99. (They now cost $79.99 with a Sally's Card)

  At first I was skeptical because they did not match my hair color. I am blonde with brown weaved in, and they only had blonde. I decided to purchase $3 brown dye and weave brown into my extensions with a $1 toothbrush I bought. I washed and blow-dryed my extensions and now I've worn the same ones for almost 5 years.

Once I discovered the secret, my friends would compliment on my FB or in person on how beautiful my hair was! I told them, and yes, cocky as it may sound... I kind of feel like the originator since they came to the market in 2006 and I was one of the first one to get them! :)

This is me without hair extensions
I am wearing hair extensions in the rest of these pictures.


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