*Prom Attire for Guys and Girls for under $45*

It's Prom time! Didn't a movie called, "Prom" just get released on Friday? 
I'm OBSESSED with this DRESS!
 Anyway, for those of you who are in high school and planning on going to the dance (or a parent whose first kiddie is getting so old) get excited! cause I have the best advice on how to save at least $200 on your prom dresses and tuxedos!

1. Rent your dress or tuxedo
* Personally, I think it's rather lame when prom goers purchase their dress. I have friends who paid over $300 for their prom dress and they wore it for ONE NIGHT! ( I had my wedding dress custom-made from China for only $57!) I'm sure the next morning they or their parents have "buyer's remorse."

- As for boys, they are usually the smart and logical ones anyway because they rent. 
This color is SO HOT!

2. Where to rent your Dress
This will make you stand out
* The best place to find amazing deals on dress rentals is through online sources or networking. I happen to know a lady in my neighborhood who has beautiful, one of kind dresses made in China and shipped to her dress shop. She charges between $10-$60 to rent a dress and she has every style of dress!

Her Blog: http://www.onestopdressshop.blogspot.com 
My sister wearing a "One Stop Dress Shop" dress and my husband's brother wearing a Tuxedo from The Ritz
Such a princess dress!

Another place on I found KSL: www.thedressgarden.net $25-60

3. If you do purchase, buy it on sale online.

This wouldn't be my first choice and it doesn't fall under the $45 mark. But here are some good dresses on sale that won't cost an arm and a leg:

4. Where to Rent your Tuxedo-$40
  The Ritz Tuxedo- $40
      (801) 265-0288
   4700 S 900 E Ste 32
                                             Salt Lake City, UT 84117
* My husband rented all our wedding tuxes from them and they had so many awesome styles.


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