*Custom-made Wedding Dresses for under $100*

Yes, it's true. I'm so surprised at how oblivious brides can be! Seriously. I have known people who have spent thousands of dollars out of their wedding budget just on their dress!

You know what though? I got my dream dress CUSTOM-MADE by a lady in China for $57 and my sister got her dress made for $125. 

My sister Ashley in 2009 custom ordered this dress from China for $125. Talk about Gorgeous

 ~How to Find Seamstresses in China and Get Your Dream Dress~
1) Got to Ebay.com
My dress. White, lacy, fit perfect

2) search: Wedding gowns custom

3) Browse through dresses you like (This is the dress I bought with a few alterations)

4) Bid on the dress (here is an example of a store I found in 5 minutes)

 5) Pay for the dress (shipping might be expensive but well worth it for such a good deal!)

6) Email the seller (My person's name was Zhang and had an ebay store called, A Great Dress).

7) In the email, TELL the seamstress the color, size and they will have a guide for your specific measurements------>

*I had to measure like crazy. They want EVERY measurement...bust to shoulder, shoulder to tummy, hip to waist, butt to foot....so don't worry about anything. They're Chinese! They're perfectionists!* 

8) Email them alteration requests. I got married in the LDS temple so I needed sleeves on my dress and a high back AND scoop neck. I emailed her a picture of what I wanted my top to look like...high back, sleeves etc.

9) The dress only takes a month to make and they ship it overnight.

*The rest of these pics of my dream dress. Not bad for $57*


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