*Get a Brown, Natural, Cancer Free Tan $12*

So in college, I earned the names, "Tanorexic and Sacajuwea (I looked like an indian)."

How embarassing is that? I became one of those girls that would buy an unlimited tanning pass and go literally every. single. day. Let's just say I completely regret it.
This is what happens when you tan in a salon every day. Gross. Leather
Since those days I have:

*Spent over $1000 at tanning salons
*Gained 20 years of wrinkles on my face
*Had over 40 visits to a dermatologist 
*Spent hundreds of dollars in repairing my skin 
(i.e., Chemical Peels, Facials, Masks, Medicine, Prescriptions etc.) 
Diagnosed Tanorexic. Sun damaged face

You don't want to look like this do you?>>>>>>>>>>

Do I regret it? Yes! Though I still love the sun I:

*Wear at least SPF 15 on my face in my makeup
*Wear at least 30-45 when boating/laying out/pool/running
*Avoid tanning salons
I wanna be hot in 30 years!!

Self tanner gone wrong. She's earned the name "Oompa Loompa"
True Blue Spa's "Strike Gold" 
I promise, this is the only product that doesn't smell, makes you look BROWN, natural, shows up instantly and lasts forever--->

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I am wearing the Strike Gold self tanner here. Notice my face is whiter? I'm wearing SPF 30 to protect myself from wrinkles. No makeup. How natural does my tan look???

I am wearing the Strike Gold here on my body, but SPF 15 Bare Minerals on my Face so it matches my body. Damage and Skin Cancer Free. :)



  1. Hey Brit! How often do you apply the tanning lotion? I actually have some at home now! :)

  2. Great! When I first got the lotion I showered and then I applied one layer. I then waited two days without showering (gross I know) and applied a second layer. It looked awesome and lasted over three weeks until it started to go away. It depends on your skin tone. I have a pretty medium skin tone so it was perfect. If I went any darker I'd look scary. I guess short answer, every two days in a week (like monday and then thursday) and that's it.