*Get a Flight to a Warm Climate for $0*

So yes, it's true. There is no such thing as a gimmick on my blog. I am all about the truth and I am all about sharing the secrets. Anyway, I've been in much need of a vacation since I've gotten married and been in school working my face off.  

Anyway, in February I was able to get 30,000 Delta Skymiles for free and I went to Orlando, FL with my handsome husband for an entire week. 

Just FYI, just about anyone can do it as long as you're over 18. 

What to do:
1) Call American Express

2) Sign up for a Gold Skymiles Card (free)

3) They will put your application through and if you get approved (it doesn't matter your credit limit approval) you get an initial 25,000 Skymiles just for signing up. If you wish to instantly earn 5,000 more miles while you're still on the phone, they will ask you to put two more names on your card (I put my husband and mom's names).

4) They'll send you the card(s) and when you receive them in the mail.....CUT THEM UP!! On Bombshell Bargains, we live without credit cards. They will also email you a delta skymiles account number.

5) Once you have the card, you have the miles. Go to delta.com and click on "skymiles" then "book award trip" to see where you can go for 30,000 miles. You want to make sure you're searching in the low season when you book your trip (February and the first week of May are low times).

6) If you find a place you want to go and you have enough miles then book the flight (you can do it online or call delta...just make sure you have your skymiles number).

Just FYI......(Year-round you can usually fly to LA, Vegas, Phoenix etc. from SLC for only 25,000 miles). If you want to go back east (NYC, Miami, DC etc.) like I did, you'll need to make sure you're booking in the "low" season to get it around 30,000. 

Here is just a taste of how much more you can do at your destination with a free flight! 


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