*Wedding Reception Flowers for under $160*

So.... searching for a florist is the worst thing ever when you're trying to plan your ceremony or reception. Usually, once you do find one, they want to charge you an arm and a leg for it all.

This is why you make a plan and do it yourself. It's not hard at all.....I did it.

Just remember...the most important floral elements in a wedding are:
-Bride's Bouquet
-Bridesmaid Bouquets
- Table Centerpieces
-Groom's Boutenniere
-Groomsmen Boutennieres
- Decoration Flowers
 Anyway, I decided that I wanted to have a romantic theme. I looked through a lot of magazines and celebrity wedding photos and circled the things that I liked. I LOVED Jessica Simpson's wedding to Nick Lachey.

The fact that it was mostly WHITE was appealing and super classy to me. I am a little traditional but I am obsessed with roses, specifically the white one. I was okay to have just one type of flower for my wedding.

After I found my perfect flower, I went to work. 
Where I found my flowers:
1) Costco.com
2) click on "Floral"
3) click on "Bulk"
4) "white roses $74.99"
5) I ordered 200 Roses -with tax and all.. $152.00

Ifyou're not into having one flower like me,  then you can search the website and find just about anything. My sister Ashley was able to get all sorts of roses, hydrangeas etc. for her reception from Costco.com

What the 200 Roses Covered:
6 Bridesmaid Bouquets  (6 flowers in each bouquet=36 flowers)

12 Table Centerpieces (10 Roses on each table=120 Roses)

Decoration Flowers (Food, Sign in table...etc 1 dozen each table= 24)
Cake Decorations (3 Roses a Tier=9 flowers)

Traditionally the Groom's Family pays for the boutennieres & the Bride's Bouquet. If you want to help your in-laws get quality flowers at a quality price...go to Skyline Floral
-Groom's and Groomsmen Boutennieres=$3/piece
-Bride's Bouquet- $Varies (I think mine was around $180?) But for me it was FREE

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