* 3 Steps to a Bikini Body.. for FREE*

Alright, so we all know Spring is in the air and Summer is not much further! What does that mean? Yup, we as bombshells need to be bikini ready. Instead of going to gym, hiring a personal trainer, or buying diet pills/dietary supplements, you can get the body you want for free. What a bargain!

The Truth: 90% of celeb  weight loss regimens are a  lie.

In 2007, I reached my heaviest weight ever and it was because I was falling for the quick ways to lose weight. Needless to say, it back fired. Diuretics (water pills), hoodia, obsessive exercise were not the answer for me. I also justified that because I was taking diet pills, I could eat whatever I wanted.....
My heaviest in 2007. My legs were toned because I was working out, but it was obvious in my stomach that I was not eating healthy and that diet pills and diuretics were causing me to lose healthy muscle mass.

*Lose Weight in 3 steps, the RIGHT WAY*

1) "Moderation in all things"- just like the scriptures suggest.
 I allow myself to eat anything, but I CONTROL how much of it goes into my body. My favs are diet mtn. dew, chips, and oreos. Instead of eating a million oreos, I use self-control and only eat 2 (or even just the part I like, the frosting!) If you restrict yourself, it will always backfire. Obvsiously, incorporate healthy foods into your diet everyday so you don't becoming "what you eat."
 2) Expend More Calories Than You Take In  
80% of weight loss is based on diet. The other 20% is exercise.It is important to figure out your BMR (the rate at which your body burns calories just to stay alive).

If you weigh 124 lbs, just X's by 10= 1,240kcals/day. 
 -TO MAINTAIN- eat 1,240 kcals of food to MAINTAIN. 
-TO LOSE- Eat 100 kcals less= 1,140 kcals
-IF YOU ARE ACTIVE- Eat 1,240 kcals. If you burn 300 calors in a workout, allow yourself 300 more. 
3) Weigh Only Once a Week
Be patient and not obsessive. I weigh every Friday at 8am which accurately tracks my weight. If you weigh everyday, you will become discouraged because your water weight fluctuates. Another rule of keeping your weight down is to eat "lightly, nightly."

You judge. Do these principles work?

I lost 30 lbs by applying these long lasting principles, and I feel great!

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