*Spring Break Wardrobe for under $30*

Yellow OP Sundres-D.I.- $4
Who says being frugal isn't fabulous? 
 I'll tell you what is NOT fabulous...buying clothes with a credit card (with money you don't have) that will go out of style in 20 minutes. When I shop for a trip, I set aside a total of $30 cash and guess what? I DO NOT GO OVER IT! I pick up cute clothes for great prices with three easy steps. 

1. Make a Plan
2. Know Your Style
3. Dress For Men, Not Women!

*Making a plan*
Turquoise knit and necklace- D.I. -$4
~Before you walk into a store and try everything on that you want, set aside a certain amount of $ you are willing to spend on clothes. It is smartest to head straight to the clearance rack and guess what? You'll ALWAYS find a deal. You can shop anywhere as long as it is suitable for your budget.  

Places like Ross, TJ MaXX and Marshalls are listed as top places that millionaire wives shop (why do you think they are millionaires?). Personally, my favorite places are  Plato's Closet, Deseret Industries (especially the downtown one, you get awesome stuff from rich people in the avenues), Wal-Mart, and anywhere with a good sale going on. Second hand stores are the new thing in this "recession". Here is an example of my latest plan.

-1 New Bikini- Max to spend- $5
-3 Bright Colored shirts- $6
-1 Pairs of Shorts -$4
-2 Dresses-$5
-Accessories (Jewelry, Sunglasses etc.) $6
-1 Pair of Shoes- $3 

Total: $29.00

Seem impossible? keep reading. It's possible, and actually VERY EASY.

*Know Your Style*
Boho White Eyelit Dress- Plato's Closet-$4
~ Personally, people who know me know that my style is bohemian/beach babe. I love bright colors because they compliment my skin tone. I LOVE turquoise accessories, sexy sandals, and boho jewelry. But that's just me! ANY STYLE works these days as long as it expresses you as an individual. In fact, confidence in how you express your fashion sense is the new thing these days. Look at Lady Gaga? Jen Aniston? (Did you know Jen wears the same jeans today that she bought in 1993 at a thrift store?)

*Dress for Men, NOT WOMEN!*
Yellow Boho Bikini-Wal-Mart Sales Rack- $5
~ Cosmo magazine said that 87% of women aim to dress to impress women. Guess what? It was also listed in the top 5 biggest mistakes a woman can make when trying to attract a guy. The truth is, guys don't care about what the latest fashion is. All they care about is that the clothes flatter your body, skin tone, make your eyes pop, or express you as a person.

Colorful Rock encrusted boho shirt- D.I. $4
Celebrity Sunglasses- Plato's Closet-$6, Shorts-$4, White top-Forever 21-$2

How Did I do? Add up all the clothes in the pictures- $29.00! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE!


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