*$2,000 Nordic Trak Treadmill for $75*

I am SO STOKED about a new purchase of ours, yes debt free. Yesterday, my mom called and said that there was a brand new $2,000 Nordic Trak treadmill that someone had just dropped off at the Sugarhouse D.I. and they were selling it for $85! I was over there in 10 minutes and FELL IN LOVE. The worker knocked it down to $75 for me.......

 My Bombshell Bargain advice is to try out the Sugarhouse and 700 E. D.I.s! You'll say, "Well, I just don't have patience for the D.I., I'd rather go somewhere easier"  

Well here's my view: This treadmill costs $2,000. To pay for it retail you'd have to work for 200 hours at $10 an hour. However, I got it for $75 being inside for ten minutes. 

The most time I've ever spent at the D.I. is an hour but I find quality items worth purchasing 95% of the time. Try it. Spend an hour scouring it and you'll thank me.

If you don't have an "eye" for that kind of stuff. CALL ME, We'll make it a shopping date!

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